Saturday, April 23, 2016

Papa Working on the Tiller

Papa has been working on the tiller for the last few days.  He is really trying his best to get it up and running and to really get it going for our garden.  

Here he is showing me how the inner locking system is supposed to work.  It appears that it is missing some of the parts for the system.  I have no doubts though.  I know that he will get it figured out.    xoxo  -Mama

Two of My Little Bunches of Love

Good Morning Everyone!  Here is a special treat that I get to see, each and every day.  It is that of two of my little bunches of love.  I have four, and they are Papa, Gianna, Sophia and Dominic.  But this morning as Gianna was getting ready for her sewing class at Sew Fun Parties with Girl Scouts, I happened to capture these two sweet little faces.

Don't I love them so?  Yay!!  Happy Saturday! :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Two of My Little Joys

Look at that fluffy little head. I could not help but to run back and grab my camera to capture this beauty and our other little handsome guy.

They each have something special that they're holding this morning.  Sophia is holding our newest pet, which she named, Uni-vore, which Dominic just got on Sunday.  And Dominic is holding one of his favorite, read-it-to-me books, "Furry Friends".

Here is to a happy day with two out of four (Papa, Gianna, Sophia and Dominic),
loves of my life!

xoxo  -Mama

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

That Day Outside with My Sophia

Today, I spent some pictures of our cute little Sophia.  She wore my hat and picked her very own sunflower.

She is a natural beauty & we love her! :-)

Monday, August 17, 2015

Just a little bit of play time

Tonight Dominic and Sophia were playing in the kitchen on the floor with some of the items from Dominic's bin.  There's a bin that we keep all little Tupperware pieces etc that were are no longer using that he sits on the floor and "cooks" with :-)

So tonight I wanted to capture the kids, sitting and playing and just having fun.

 These are our three precious children and I will remember them (and may I always remember them) this way...

 Forever.  -Love, Mama